Roll of Honour

Recipients of awards made by the Society are listed here.

Society of Dairy Technology Gold Medal 
This is the most prestigious of all of our awards and is awarded for outstanding contribution to dairy science and/or technology throughout the world. Recipients since its inception:

1951 Dr R Seligman
1953 Prof W Riddet
1957 Prof H D Kay
1966 Prof P O Kastli
1969 Sir Richard Trehane
1972 Mr G Loftus Hills
1975 Prof E L Crossley
1983 Dr T R Ashton
1983 Mr H S Hall
1987 Dr J G Davies
1993 Dr G Chambers
1993 Dr B K Mortenson
1996 Prof D D Muir
2003 Dr E J Mann
2003 Dr D L Armstrong
2006 Prof P Fox
2011 Dr A Tamime

Honorary Membership 
This is awarded to members who have given outstanding service to the Society.


1989  Mr P Lee
1992  Miss E Richards
1992  Mrs S Watson
1998  Prof DD Muir
2002  Mr R Early
2003  Mrs R Gale
2003  Prof P Fox
2010  Mr H Pinnock
2012  Mr M Cosgrove
2012  Mrs R Evans
2012  The Lord Wade of Chorlton
2012  Mrs S Christiansen
2012  Mr M Hickey
2012  Mr P Kelly
2012  Mr P O'Connell
2012  Dr J Tuohy
2013  Mr M Walton
2016  Mr Alex James
2016  Mr Nigel White
2018  Mr Chris Askew

SDT/ICA Student of the Year Award For winners in this category go to the home page for the award by clicking HERE

Eden Student Awards awarded annually
Top Student Project:
2014 Chris Holland
2015 Kyle Allington
2016 Peter Clark
2017 Mark Panczak
2018 Laura Moulding


Student(s) contributing the most to the work of the Society:
2014 Paul Winfield and Sue Twist
2015 Joshua Bough
2016 Sarah Hinchliffe, Sarah Roberts and Joe Wainright
2017 Ritchie Clarke
2018 Phil Halliwell