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Society of Dairy Technology

Dairy Industries International Reports

The Society regularly submits content to the monthly Dairy Magazine "Dairy Industries International".  Copies of printed items can be viewed on this page, although they are scans from the magazine. Articles from 2014 onwards can be found in the sub-folder "archive".

DII February 2017 - Symposium report

DII March 2017 - IJDT Volume 70 issue 1

DII June 2017 - IJDT 70:2

DII October 2017 - Summer Symposium report

DII December 2017 - IJDT 70:4

DII January 2018 - Symposium report

DII March 2018 - IJDT 71:1

DII July 2018 - Spring Conference report

DII August 2018 -  IJDT 71:2

DII September 2018 - Summer Symposium report