Cheese cutting

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1. An outline of types of wire cutters      

    Two-handled wire   

    Trough system 

    Slat top cutter 

    Slat cutter with bow cutter combination 

    Scratch rods     

    Foot and arm operated cutters   

    Pneumatic/hydraulic cutters  

    Larger wire-based cutters  

    Box tunnel cutting                               

2. Some practical methods of altering the spacing of wire cuts from frames              

    Parallelogram cutting                 

    Comb side plate               

    One interesting function of the side plate system         

    Elevating the frames                                                        

    Multi-faced guide rods

    Wire lengths 

    Pre-wired bolts    

    Swinging gate cutting                                                        

3. Final Trimming              

    Beak cutting                

    Saw side plate                      

4. Integeric nominal cutting apparatus (INCA)                                                

    Format 1                                       

    Format 2                                                                         


    Practicalities of a simple INCA cutting system                          

5. Cheese slicing                          

6. Appendix: List of abbreviations